English name:VivienneLiu
Date and place of birth:
August 1, 1983,ShanDong Rizhao,China
Civil status:unmarried
Email: [email protected]

Personal profile

The artist,Deputy Secretary General of Sino-Italian Foundation,Secretary General of the International Federation of Female Artists, creates art in Italy and organizes activities to promote cultural exchanges between China and Italy.
In 2006, graduated from the Painting Department of the Academy of Fine Arts of the Qingdao University, and a postgraduate student of the Painting Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, Italy.
In 2017, two works were permanently collected by the Vatican Museum.
In 2018, won the 36th Florence International Literature and Art Award, the video art work “Glass House Series” won the Bronze Award.
In 2019, won the Contemporary Art Creation Award of the International Federation of Women Artists in Rome.

Exhibition experience

In September 2017, International Women Artists Invitational Exhibition in Rome, Italy.
In November 2017, two ancient sculptures by Antico Presente / L’Accademia disegna e saranno oggetto di donazione were exhibited in the Vatican Museums and are in the permanent collection.
In January 2018, “Sculpture Network Start18”, Italy, Sculpture and Architecture Dialogue, exhibiting installation and video works.
In March 2018, “Sangue delle donne” International Women Artists Exhibition at L’Aquila City Hall.
In April 2018, International Oil Painting Masters Art Exhibition, Jiangxi, China.
In July 2018, Contemporanea-Tagliacozzo International Contemporary Art Exhibition.
In October 2018, the Silk Road Meaning China-Taiwan-European Women’s Art Exhibition was held in Prince Kung’s Mansion in Beijing.
In December 2018, the video art work won the bronze award of the 36th International Literature and Art Award.
In March 2019, the Silk Road Means Sino-European Women’s Art Exhibition was held at the Art Museum of Tsinghua University, Beijing.
In November 2019, the work “Yun” was exhibited at Shanghai Liu Haisu Art Museum.
In September 2021, “EXOTIC” Chinese Contemporary New Media Trendy Art Exhibition.
2022 “YOLO HOLIDAY” International Female Artist NFT Invitational Exhibition.

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