Registration requirements

1. Female artists over the age of 18.

2. Submit a maximum of 10 original works that have NOT been exhibited in the IAF Association exhibition before.

3. Painting, photography, sculpture, printmaking, mixed media, textile art, ceramics, etc. are accepted.

4. Video, film and installation art are not accepted.

5. Digital version of works, picture 1-5MB, picture format.JPG

6. Each artist can select up to 10 works.

7. The selected works will be notified by EMAIL, and the works will be published on the IAF official website.

8. The name, price, and other registration information CANNOT be changed once registered.

9. Works can be sold, if the sale is successful, 100% of the sale price belongs to the artist , IAF does not charge commissions. If the work is not for sale, please set price to "0".

10. Selected works will turn into NFT and display them in the Metaverse exhibition hall for FREE. The GOLD will get the right to make 100 NFTs for free, the SILVER will get the right to make 50 NFTs for free, and the BRONZE will be awarded. Will get the right to make 30 NFTs for free . 70 % sales of the NFT belongs to the artist, and IAF charges 30 % for commission.

submission form

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