In 2007, "I" heard the "doomsday prophecy", the mysterious Maya said that the world would end on December 21, 2012... "I" was confused and panicked, not knowing where it came from and where it was going. Since then, I've traveled all over the world in search of meaning in life..."You Only Live Once" "I" went to the birthplace of Jesus and walked through the "death road" of his crucifixion. I once prayed for the world beside the "Wailing Wall"; "I" also walked through the enlightened India of Sakyamuni, and communicated with him spiritually under the Bodhi tree; "I" went from Jerusalem to Everest; from Bethlehem to Mecca... Along the way, I was looking for the ideal country in my heart and the "spiritual home" of "my".

Creative form and Portfolio

YOLO holiday is an NFT art work jointly created by female artists around the world. Each NFT art work is a collection of works by different female artists, all of which can present their artistic styles and ideas. YOLO will act as your membership card to unlock more privileges through the ROADMAP.

Creator of the Art

YOLO HOLIDAY NFT is a project jointly created by 10 well-known female artists from international art foundations in Italy, France, China, Iran, Japan, etc. It is a manifestation of their spiritual world. This NFT is a combination of 10,000 unique NFTs synthesized by smart contracts, which took nearly 5 months and collected the creative style and work characteristics of each female artist. All NFTs have independent copyright and uniqueness, and have high collection value and commercial attributes. Below are our co-founders and a showcase of their artworks.


Q4 2021
The beautiful angel woke up in her sleep, slowly recalled the bits and pieces of her dream, and gradually formed a beautiful picture.

Q2 2022
The community will be established, and a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs will be born. We look forward to your participation in showing and spreading the ideas and beauty of each NFT to people. During the showcase and minting period, for every 500 mints completed , we will airdrop 1 NFT to each of 10 holders.

Q3 2022
1.The YOLO.Holiday CLUB is established, and each NFT holder will obtain membership to jointly draw a better life and build an art temple .
2. Purchase land in Metaverse, build Metaverse Online Galleries and Exhibition Halls , and provide members with more exhibition space for artist works and various artworks.
3. Seminars and Exchange Activities of International Female Artists on the Metaverse.
4. Launch YOLO.Holiday NFT platform, to develop, create and promote NFTs for female artist members.
5. Launch the YOLO series of NFT projects, and each project will airdrop at least 50 NFTs for members.

Q4 2022
1. Meet and communicate with female artists, musicians, and celebrities around the world at least once a quarter.
2. To promote the commercial application of NFT works , the online product store will be opened, and there will be T-shirts, hats, and accessories.

Holder rights

1. Become a YOLO.Holiday Club member.

2. Opportunity to communicate with the artist individually, and get the artist's manuscript collection for free.

3. Participate in YOLO.Holiday Club to hold various activities.

4. Purchase rights for subsequent NFT projects in the YOLO series.

5. NFT ownership and commercial use rights, and its applied products can be displayed and sold in the YOLO.Holiday Club online product store.

6. Enjoy the right to discounts on the purchase of artist member works.

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